Termite Protection

Ant Attack uses Termidor for chemical barriers, it is one of the safest and most effective solutions to protect your home and family from the destruction of termites. The treatment has been proven to stop termites from eating the timber on your property within hours. This treatment totally eliminates termites from structures within 21 days and provides protection as a soil barrier from future termite threat.

Benefits to you

  • Termites stop feeding on your house within 7 hours providing you with immediate reassurance.
  • Termidor’s advanced transfer properties controls the termite colony, reducing the risk of termites returning for up to 8 years.
  • Safe for your family and pets with no odour, it offers you peace of mind that everyone is safe

Site Preperation

The soil barrier is installed by injecting Termidor down to the footing of your home by either drilling 12mm holes at 20cm distance apart through pathways / driveways or by digging trenches around your home and at a 200cm distance from the external structure.

Inject Termidor

Termidor is then injected through holes at a pressure of 60 psi and at a quantity of 2 litres per hole. For trenches, we immerse Termidor into the soil from the footing to ground level using no less than 10 litres per metre.

The mix rate is 0.6 m/l per Litre with an average home requiring approximately 700 litres of product.

Seal and Finish

All holes are cleaned and sealed with either plastic plugs or concrete so the final finish looks tidy and professional.

8 Years Termite Protection of your home